Misty (aurora_nebulosa) wrote in disabledpeople,

Has anyone ever had this happen?

TOday, I went to an eating facility on my college campus only to find, unexpectedly, that it was closed. There was also another young (sighted) lady waiting with me. Someone eventually came out to us to let us know that the facility wouldn't be opened until later because of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Yet, this person went on to say, "But, Misty, you can come in, anyway to get some food." I was rather taken aback and reluctant to go forward, since they weren't going to let the other lady next to me in, but reluctantly accepted while she left. Have any of you been treated "more than equal" or "superior" to others in this kind of way because of your disability? If so, how have you responded? Did you accept graciously? Did you accept, as I did, reluctantly? Or, did you outright refuse to be treated differently, even if it was "better" than the rest?

Honestly, I felt quite bad about what the other lady was put through. I want to be treated equally -- no better, no worse.
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